Invitation to Norway and/or Denmark

I am a Drascombe Lugger sailor from Norway and a member of the Drascombe Association as well as of the Dinghy Cruising Association.  I write to invite NDKE members to participate in the Scandinavian DCA rallies, if any of you have the time and inclination 🙂. There is one rally planned in the south of Norway in June (ferry link between Hirtshals in Denmark to Larvik in Norway takes you almost to the launching place in the seaside town of Tvedestrand) and a rally in Denmark in the end of August on the Limfjord. You will find some basic info about both events on this link to the DCA website

Rallies in ScandinaviaThe DCA has a growing presence in Scandinavia and  a small group of members based in the area have decided to organise some rallies in 2022. There are a great many wonderful dinghy cruising areas in…

Please tell your members not to hesitate to get in touch if they have any questions or consider perhaps participating – so far 4 boats have expressed a preliminary interest in the Norwegian rally, and 7 boats have expressed their interest in the Danish rally (incl. one from the south of Germany and one from France), though for the time being only two Drascombes – if some enterprising members from the NKDE would Care to contribute to a better Drascombe ratio, that of course would be much appreciated!
Wishing you a great sailing season in the Netherlands!

Per Storgaard