Minki whales and giant trophies

You may be interested to know that I sailed up to Arisaig to meet up with the Drascombe people, on Tuesday, who are at the rally there. There were around six boats there. Very interesting.

It is rather what Jan Maurits reported. Over here all seem to have the latest Suzuki 4 stroke outboards, or the even newer diesel ones. The sight of so many Drascombes powering about the ocean was rather sad. Not that there was much wind. But even when there was a small breeze everybody still all seemed to be playing ‘follow the leader’… motor sailing! All crews were doing day sailing from tents at a campsite.

I did not have the time to join in, as I needed to be back home today. But I did have a short meeting with Bob Heasman who is the Scottish representative for the Drascombe Association. There was no talk of any of the group doing a longer cruise next week. I hope to meet up with Bob again in the autumn. Then I can find out whether there is really any interest in live aboard cruising.

So my idea of setting myself up as a focus on this coast for real cruising types still seems the way to go. Bob is very friendly, I might be able to assist.

There were only two Drascombes at a local regatta at Kilchoan last week. There is an enormous, thirty centimetre high hundred year old trophy that Drascombes can race for. Wilf Monteith used to attend the regatta some years ago. The other boat (John Hatton) has attended the event for years, and has his name all over the trophies. But probably without too much opposition, so I gave him a race. He won by miles! But that was day one.

On day two I left my crewman behind and unloaded about fifty kilograms of stuff from Whisper. Then I beat him, but only just! The trophy raced for by Drascombes on day two is quite a bit smaller sadly. The regatta is great fun, a real family affair, but not attracting enough Drascombes. I must try to remind the Association of the event.

My GPS tells me that I have notched up about 250 nautical miles around and about this summer and I have not even done a long cruise yet! And oh, yes… there is a Minki whale off the peninsular. He has been around all summer. It’s strange to be sailing along in the dark and hear one surface next to you. Next morning as I was becalmed he came back to play around me. Diving under Whisper as I motored slowly against the tide. Unfortunately I did not have my camera.

Hope all goes well for you all. Any good stories from France’ Morbihan Cruise with Captain Chris? Enjoy and groetjes aan allemaal,

Tom Colville,

Whisper of Sunart